The reason I don't watch NFL.


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Jan 10, 2014
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As I posted on another NFL thread here, I dropped out of Fantasy FB leagues after playing since 2004. I also refuse to watch games any more. Result my wife loves it, I get more done around the house, I use my shop EVERY day and have built more in the last yr than in the past 10+ yrs. I also spend more time with my friends, no longer find myself checking my phone for scores etc when around others. MOST of all I’m no longer supporting the primrose that professional athletes become millionaires overnight for doing soooooooo very little. It feels so good to say that. Now as college athletes begin to do the same thing, I’ll probably right them off too! At 75 I have a buttload things I want and need to do. It keeps me alive and more active. I’m no longer obligated to a system that in reality CONTROLS it’s followers. Life is most of all simpler, I find myself much more blessed by friends and family.
As an old FB coach it’s ironic that the sport has such a second hand place in my life. Oh but wait, I have begun attending games of several sports at my/old high school Pryor again. How refreshing to get my fix for sports from the last clean, inclusive, and noble sports left in our society. Love putting on the blue and gold, drive from Oologah to Pryor sports events and restore my faith in sports once again
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