Wanted to thin my weapons.

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Dec 6, 2010
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Oklahoma City
I often look at my "collection" of .22s and think, "There's no way I'm actually going to use all of these, and they take up so much space. I should sell some." But then the moment of insanity passes and I go back to thinking like it's Pokemon cards. (I gotta catch 'em all....)
And its a .22 coincidentally I parted with I’m now wanting to replace. I covet a pristine Marlin Model 39. But prices indicate a 39a will be the best I can do.

Saw a Winchester Model 52 done by O.W. Niedner the other day. Price was 8K. So it could be worse.

Btw, I read that in 1934 the Model 52 Sporter cost $88.50. That amounted about $1,800 in 2017 dollars. Just think of the money we are saving for our progeny with all our little inflation hedges.


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