Dog Owners Beware - Cytopoint can kill your dog.

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Jim Parry

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Jan 15, 2021
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Ponca City, OK
So I took my best friend Louie the Pug to a vet appointment this morning for a checkup as he was having allergy and skin issues. We have been treating him with Benadryl for a couple years now. We did not get to see our normal vet as she was out. So the other vet takes a look at him and suggested that Instead of Benadryl daily, he could give him a single Cytopoint injection every 30-45 days and it would work much better. I asked him if there were any risks associated with the injection and he assured me that the only side effect is injection site discomfort.
We left the office around 9:00 am. Got home around 10:00 am and he starts coughing non stop. Called the vet to ask if we should be concerned and we were told he is fine just worked up. Give him Benadryl and he will be fine. Well we administered the Benadryl and 1.5 hour later no improvement. Called again and took him back. The looked him over and stated he was fine, just worked up. The gave him a sedative and a steroid to help him relax. We went home and he slept on my lap for a couple hours. We Then noticed he was puffing up and had bruising all over his belly and chest. We ran him to the emergency vet at 3:00 and we were told he developed an autoimmune disease called IMHA. We again asked if it had anything to do with the Cytpoint injection, to which the doctor said absolutely not. Well due to the massive internal bleeding and his suffocating from that we had to send him over the rainbow bridge.
I cannot express how hurt and angry I am. Why angry, well after all of this I decided to do some research, lo and behold these issues are well known.
I hope my Boy can forgive me. I should have not taken the vets word. i SHOULD have taken 5 minutes to research.
Please hold your fur baby’s tight tonight. Make sure you do your research before ANY meds are taken.
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So sorry. I have also had a four legged family member that died because of an unconcerned vet. It’s heartbreaking.

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