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Jun 13, 2005
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I'm not apologizing for anyone, least of all the ATF, but there's a very huge difference between these two things. The brace people knowingly and intentionally poked the bear. Initially for political reasons, then for profit, and they hooked a bunch of gullible people into believing their nonsense. They put words in the ATF's mouth and made baseless claims about the legality of their products when the scant ATF documents on the matter said otherwise. The ATF said from the VERY beginning, and never reversed course, that brace X was approved in the configuration as it was submitted, but may not be deemed legal in another configuration. They knew they were being baited, so they baited a trap of their own. Again, this was all very predictable.

I'm not comparing it to selling for a profit, I'm saying they are erratic and unpredictable. You say you're not apologizing, but then proceed to apologize for them.

Let's just take ONE aspect of braces they reversed on.....not even the most recent scenario where they tried to "redefine" or "reclassify" braced firearms.

Some of you boys are downright scary in your sympathy for the ATF.
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