H&H really angered me last week.


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Sep 18, 2005
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Paul passed away in his sleep several years ago. After he passed away and Dean left I kinda look at the place a little differently.

To the OP, contact Mike Rust and tell him what happened. He's the general manager now. I worked with him, Dean and Paul ... Back when the only complaints they got was about that ***** at the gun counter who made them follow the rules on the range and not sweep everybody on in the bay every time they turned around. :coffee2:
oct 20th 2014


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Mar 25, 2020
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yup , talked to him at mustang p&g the day before was gonna go chase pigs the following weekend. didn't know he was gone until you posted it ,I was stunned

I remember. If I'd known your number and what y'all had planned I would have called you instead of letting you just find out here. But damn -- he never met a stranger and I didn't know any way of letting everyone know except to post here. You don't know how I agonized over that. It took me a couple hours (and a couple glasses of his favorite wine) after I found out to gather up the courage to put it out there. I still have a glass of wine and watch the squirrels in the back yard and think of him. He and Rory HATED those squirrels! Lol


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Feb 2, 2014
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I drove into Ok City last week to visit a particular store,,,
As I neared it I noticed I was close to H&H,,,
So I decided to stop in for a view.

I think I was one of two or three people in the entire store.

They didn't have much in stock as far as guns were concerned,,,
But I did find accessories (holsters, belts, and such) in plenty.

So there I was with $1,400.00 of stimulus money in my back pocket,,,
I was strolling up and down the aisles perusing their stock,,,
When I noticed someone behind me.

He wasn't up in my back pocket or anything,,,
But no matter where I went he followed.

I finally said, "Can I help you?"

Turns out he was an employee,,,
He actually told me "You look a bit shady."

I asked him why he thought that,,,
He said, "Because you are writing in a notebook."

What I was doing was making a list,,,
Of the things I was thinking of buying that day,,,
And keeping a running total of how much money I was adding up.

I showed this to the guy,,,
My list was nine items totaling close to $400.00,,,
Then I told him to go have sex with himself and the rest of the staff.

Not quite that politely.

I don't care if they have the last box of 9mm on the planet,,,
I don't think I'll ever go in that store again.



I would hope you contacted the owner. The place has never been worthy since it moved to its current place. When it was small over on Reno, it was a decent place to deal with.

Austin at Cops Gun Shop is good to deal with. I have had a few mailed to him. As well as Tommy at Sooner State Pawn.

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