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Mar 27, 2017
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I’ll do that! I LOVE good Mexican food. I just got my second covid shot the other day, so once I’m cleared I think I’ll go try them. Thanks for the heads-up.
It’s a bit over the top, it’s not the kind of Mexican food you’re used to, and it goes better after a few beers or drinks. They have good horchata also

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Dec 8, 2020
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Full disclosure. I am a proud son of the South being born in raised in Southern California (LOL). As well, I lived downtown Chicago for a while and out in St. Charles too. Except for the taxes and gun laws, I really enjoyed living there.

Also in full disclosure, I have the utmost respect for TRidiot. He is always very well-reasoned and shares his thoughts that are typically fact based with unquestionable integrity. I respectfully disagree here.

but it is a symbol of hatred and division.

Depending on who is defining the animus. Are the definitions we are being demanded to accept come from the same people that think the race pimps with BLM are righteous in their “mostly peaceful protests”?

it has represented racist beliefs for many many years

Again, it depends on who is being allowed to define this. And yes, it is fair to discount those opinions who think the “General Lee” from the “Dukes of Hazzard” is the Klan mobile.

Same can be said of the Nazi flag - it's just a symbol, doesn't do anything by itself - but it is a symbol of hatred and division. Tell the Jews they should just 'get over it'.

The people that flew the Nazi flag either believed in the Reich or were forced to flay the flag. So there were some who were all for baking Jews, killing Catholic Priest the random Gypsy and implementing the final solution. As well there were some that believed that the Southern Cross/Flag of St. Andrew/Confederate Battle Flag or whatever one wishes to call it is/was (gasp) “racist”. But to lump all is bit of an exaggeration ... which the side typically whining about flags, statues and military base names tend to do.

then I think you're insensitive to the fact that literally millions of people were tortured and murdered under the symbolism of that flag (emphasis mine) - with malice directly and specifically related to their skin color.

You put your toes in the exaggeration end of the pool.

show the world how much you don't give a damn what it means to them.

And ...

but that flag IS offensive and represents racism to a LARGE number of people. It's not a fringe element, and it's not just snowflakes.

Everyone’s proverbial mileage will differ to how much they are willing to go to placate those they think can be defined as a whiny veterinary term of a (small) female dog who squeal “racist” when the wind blows form the South. Tear down their flag, discount their beliefs and tip over statues ... is not really any different than sitting on the ground flailing one’s arms and legs in a temper tantrum.

Instead and to the previous comments ... THIS is where a thoughtful discussion is due instead of the dichotomous, either/or stage of labeling what those one disagrees with as “racist”. To many, the Southern Cross/Flag of St. Andrew/Confederate Battle Flag represents the good that comes from the South. Tangentially, I think to label those who are not in any way shape or form (gasp) “racists” ... those that believe that the Southern Battle Flag is just a cool relic to being a symbol of the good from their Southern heritage is approaching the zip code of bigotry in itself.

But that won’t happen.

The reason is that the side whining will not tolerate civil discourse in their efforts to demean and disparage anyone that has a different political ideological bend.
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