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Special Hen
Apr 29, 2017
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1619 Canterbury St., Norman, OK
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Hey, y'all. I only recently placed an ad offering up a bunch of my collectible items for trade, including some really nice higher-end audio gear. I also have quite a few Mac-compatible computer bits, from DDR-2 RAM with the Mac cooling fins, nearly new 512mb video cards & cd/DVD burners/drives to offer besides the smattering of gun-related stuff & the collection of oil cans.

I'm ideally looking for a 20" heavy barrel for my new AR (don't want the 16" one, but the price was right...), as well as a good-quality red-dot sight, a rear flip-up/down sight, and a handful (between 4-8) of good-condition 20-30 round 5.56 AR mags. I still want a good-quality Philippine-made 1911, but upgrading my AR to something loosely resembling what I once carried is more important at this point.

Please understand, I don't have pics available yet, & won't for awhile. Some (maybe half) of the audio gear needs TLC or minor/minimal work to again be the wonderfully-made, sweet-sounding audiophil-grade equipment it's always been. I'm very happy to trade at a distinct $$$ loss to myself to ensure I get what I want, & you get the value you're looking for. I'm not a business or professional anything, I just enjoy the bartering and getting what I'm looking for. If you want names &/or model #s of the audio so you can Google them, I'm happy to oblige. Finally, if you've seen my main ad, you know all else I'm looking for!

I hope to hear from folks soon; thx to my health I don't get out of the house much at all, and bartering helps kill the boredom!


Chuck in Norman
1010 N. Berry Rd.
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