Is anyone else tired of the "My pistol isn't accurate" threads?


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Jul 30, 2010
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Just today I was doing my morning surf of 5 forums I peruse,,,
I counted 9 (yes 9) threads where the poster said my pistol isn't accurate.

People then start recommending all sorts of goodies to correct that,,,
Everything from changing grips to changing the type of sights.

I say it's never (well almost never) the pistol that has an accuracy problem,,,
It's always (well almost always) the shooter.

Several years ago a friend of mine bought his first handgun,,,
It was the longer barreled version of the Ruger SR-22.

He joined an indoor range and fired one 50 round box of ammo,,,
At 25 yards he hit the 8" by 10" target about 5 times.

Then I had to listen to him complain that I recommended an inaccurate pistol.

We went to his range and I shot the pistol,,,
I'm no Annie Oakley but I did put all 20 rounds on paper.

Then the range master gave it a try,,,
He made a nice tight 10 round group around the bullseye.

My friend still believed it was the pistols fault and not his,,,
Mind you this is a man who had fired a total of (maybe) 200 rounds through my pistols.

He just couldn't accept the fact it was,,,
"The Indian not the arrow".

I guess he had seen enough TV and Movies to believe,,,
He should be a handgun sniper just by nature.

When I am asked by anyone what is the best accessory to improve accuracy,,,
My answer is always, "A 500 round brick of ammo and 1-hour of quality range instruction".

I'm not all angry about this,,,
I mean what would be the sense in that,,,
I just felt the desire to comment on the situation.

I'm a reasonable shot with a handgun,,,
But it isn't because I have the best accessories,,,
It's because I shoot a lot of ammo practicing at the range.




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Sep 26, 2014
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Oklahoma City
I’m barely a minute of a bad guy kinda shooter at 25 yards with a pistol. Even at 10 yards, I’m happy to be hitting a pie plate, regardless of the platform. There’s a few exceptions to this, but generally describes my pistol marksmanship. I won’t be winning any bullseye competitions, but I (hopefully) won’t be shooting bystanders in a self defense situation. I think a lot of people expect to be Jerry Miculek with a pistol. I believe they can be accurate, but at the same time, expectations needs to be reeled in. There’s a reason why nobody uses handguns for designated marksmanship roles. It’s a sidearm for hitting somebody up close and personal, not seeing how small of a group you can make at a distance.


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Apr 6, 2008
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A few years ago my younger brother and I were shooting several different pistols, I was shooting my ruger redhawk with a 7.5” barrel and not doing to well. I mentioned that I thought the sights needed to be adjusted. He picked up the pistol, looked it over, loaded it and put all 6 shots within a 1/2” of the x at 50’. Never said a word.

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