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May 26, 2006
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South Central Oklahoma.
Since Monday, January 25th, I have been a prisoner in my own home. My cellies are, Mrs. GED, my youngest daughter D.J. and my 91 year old father in law.

Since that day, here have been the series of events. January 25th, I go to the dr. for a nasty cough I've had for a week/10days. I test positive for covid and get diagnosed with double pneumonia.

Tuesday, January 26th. 1st day home. Taking antibiotics and breathing treatments with a nebulizer twice daily.

Monday February 1st. Go back to dr. Test negative for covid. Directed to go to hospital for an X-Ray. Results say pneumonia still there. Back home for more breathing treatments. This time, we've added a steroid breathing treatment twice daily and bumped the Albuterol up to four times daily.

Sunday February 8th. My father in law, Charlie Walker, takes a turn for the worse. He had been feeling poorly the entire previous week. The first wave of snowmageddon hits with freezing rain. He dies later that evening.

Monday February 9th. Snowmageddon 2021 rocks Oklahoma and even Texas. I'm still stuck in my home, turned prison.

Tuesday February 16th. Thank God! I'm released from jail, just long enough to attend my father in law's funeral service and deliver his eulogy.

So I'm still here in my snow packed prison. I'm coughing like crazy, doing a breathing treatment every two hours, all day/all evening. The worst part is my energy level. I've never been so weak and so drained my entire life. I honestly felt like I was at death's door a couple of times.

Please pray for me.


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Aug 1, 2014
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