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Sep 7, 2009
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Looks like I will never own one.

Robert Bryce testified before a House committee yesterday on the subject of electric vehicles. Robert is one of the country’s most knowledgeable experts on energy, and I encourage you to read his entire testimony. Here are some highlights as summarized by him:

* I’m pro-electricity, but I am adamantly opposed to the notion that we should “electrify everything” including transportation.

* EVs are cool. They are not new. The history of EVs is a century of failure tailgating failure. In 1911, the New York Times said that the electric car “has long been recognized as the ideal solution.” In 1990, the California Air Resources Board mandated 10% of car sales be zero-emission vehicles by 2003. Today, 31 years later, only about 6% of the cars in California have an electric plug.

* The average household income for EV buyers is about $140,000. That’s roughly two times the U.S. average. And yet, federal EV tax credits force low- and middle-income taxpayers to subsidize the Benz and Beemer crowd.

* Lower-income Americans are facing huge electric rate increases for grid upgrades to accommodate EVs even though they will probably never own one.

* This month, the California Energy Commission estimated the state will need 1.3 million new public EV chargers by 2030. The likely cost to ratepayers: about $13 billion.

* Meanwhile, blackouts are almost certain this summer and electricity prices are “absolutely exploding.” California’s electricity prices went up by 7.5% last year and they will likely rise another 40% by 2030. This, in a state with the highest poverty rate and largest Latino population in America. How is racial justice or social equity being served by such regressive policies?

* I also talked about resilience, saying “Electrifying everything is the opposite of anti-fragile. Electrifying transportation will put more of our energy eggs in one basket. It will make the grid an even-bigger target for terrorists, cyberthieves, or bad actors. It will reduce resilience and reliability in case of a prolonged grid failure due to natural disaster, equipment failure, or human error.”

Much more here.



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Aug 27, 2007
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It is my understanding that the fossil fuel used and damage to the earth caused by the mining of the elements for the batteries are awful, plus there is no enviromentaly safe way to dispose of used batteries. How is the electricity generated to charge the EVs? Wind turbine blades have to be replaced and there is no safe way to dispose of the blades and other sources are often generated by burning fossil fuels.
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