Grandson drove the boat Catfishing


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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
The grandson wanted to drive the little 15 foot Bayliner to get to the jug lines and check them.
I let him sit in front of me and steer and work the throttle.

He blew past all of the jugs and has not quite got the steering down yet.
He just turned 3.

He liked to push the throttle all the way down in fact he is not strong enough yet to get it out of
neutral and must hang on the throttle with both hands to get it wide open.

Grandma asked : Why do you go so fast?
Grandson : I NEED TO !!

She then said you guys and going as fast as you can.

I just smiled and told him he passed another jug line.

Grandson: Where did it go ?

Few more trips and I think he will start getting the hang of it then teach him to back the boat in the water :)

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