I need some Prayers please

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Dr. HK

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Feb 18, 2008
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Long story short, writing as events took place not by importance.

Cat has been sick and on meds, she is not responding to meds. So went to the veterinarian yesterday and was told I need to make a decision by Friday (tomorrow when to put the cat down). That they will put her on steroids at an amino suppressive level, and it's the last hail Mary to see if she responds.

As I was dropping off the cat I received a call saying my Mom had a massive heart attack. Luckily she was at the hospital for a colonoscopy and it happened. They administered CPR and put her in the ICU on a ventilator and 100% oxygen. She was responding yesterday to us talking by nodding her head yes, and no, and faintly squeezing our hands. She has a weak heart but no blockages and no plaque. This was yesterday.

Mom today was more alert but they sedated her to keep her from pulling tubes and such out as she was trying to talk. They are also weening her off oxygen. She went from 100% to 65% today.

All of this and I started a new job last week 3/21 I work remotely from home. I asked my boss for some flexibility so I can go see my mom in the ICU. Her response was " since you are relatively new your flexibility is hindered. You need to be available to shadow (name taken out) when the work is happening. We can try and be as flexible as possible as this is part of your onboarding to a new position.

Anyways please pray or send positive vibes for my Mom, the Cat, and my patients and new job.

Thank you

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