Indiana teachers hit by pellets in training drill sue police


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May 16, 2006
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I'm guessing you have never been in a shooting or violent incident?
Those training exercises are designed to mimic real incidents when bad people come into a school and shoot kids and teachers.
I had the pleasure to participate in one of the training exercises in Moore Ok by a friend that was a SWAT member and trainer that specializes in school shooting training.
My original role was as a hostage. The "intruders" had us on our knees while screaming and pushing on us pretty hard. If we didn't follow instructions we got "special attention" that was much more physical.
There was a group of teachers and administrators sitting in the corner as observers.
A SWAT team of negotiators approached the classroom while talking to the aggressors.
When the negotiations broke down, the team inserted into the classroom firing simunitions Everybody had on full face masks and heavy clothing but it stung if hit.
After the insertion with a lot of screaming and simunitions being fired, it relaxed and we all milled about talking.
At that time I pulled the pistol from under my jacket and "shot" a couple of officers with the simunitions before getting "shot".
Part of the training to consider everyone a threat until completely clearing everyone in the room.
It certainly opened my eyes on how all this goes down and why LEO do certain things in school shootings. The shooter in real school shootings may try to dispose of the weapons and walk out with students to escape so everyone is considered a threat.
Going through the "paris island" training with some realistic pushing and shoving just lets the person know what to expect.
I hope you understand a little more now about how training is conducted and why it has to be realistic.

Not good to assume anything or that if someone just explained it enough everyone would agree. I know what he did for a living in the late 60s which I'm sure is why he doesn't appreciate the gung-ho wannabe crowd.

I personally think this just scares the hell out of everyone and conditions the kiddos to think this $#!t is normal.. It's not.

There's plenty of patriotic American Vets that aren't sycophants to perceived authority.

Hopefully if this ever happens for real these guys will react better than the “Coward of Broward

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