OKC Gun Club... I'm considering joining.

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Oct 26, 2009
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I’m curious to know why they banned bump stocks and binary triggers at OKCGC. What was the primary reason discussed at the meeting? I suspect it was because of safety reasons.

Considering some of the actions I’ve observed by others, it’s probably not a bad idea. Someone set the benchrest range on fire a few years ago (shooting tracers which aren’t allowed), there was an AD that scored the wood bench and punched a hole through the steel post at the new plinking range, someone put shotgun slug holes in one of the skeet houses, someone damaged to the point of unusable as intended the steel pattern board at the shotgun range (used steel shot instead of lead shot), and the list goes on. The vast majority of members are very safety conscious and have a high degree of common sense. But, there are a few…
Same reason full auto is prohibited. Too Easy for rounds to go over the berm.

With the amount of housing going in around the club, I sort of understand.

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