Back in the Hospital - Prayers MUCH appreciated


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Mar 9, 2019
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Tulsa Oklahoma
I ended up back at the ER yesterday. Thursday, after gong out to dinner for my B-day, I suddenly started having heart palpitations. Not completely unusual, however they typically last a few minutes and go away. They did not go away and yesterday my watch alerted me that I was in AFIB and my heart rate was in the 130+ range,
I ended up getting transferred to the cardiac wing of St Johns and just found out I am scheduled for a transesophageal Echo and Electro Cardio Conversion on Monday morning. This is not my first time having this issue. When I had open heart in February of 2021 I ended up with AFIB a week after being released.
So, Prayers are much appreciated. Prayers for a successful procedure and no further AFIB. If so, I can go home Monday afternoon.
Thank you

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