Donors flee from OU amid radical DEI agenda: 'Better named DIE'

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Aug 13, 2012
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My daughter starts at OU in the fall, and if they’re going to indoctrinate her to anything, they’re going to have to work really hard at it. She’s a hard headed little heifer.
Since this post is several months old now, I thought an update might be in order. According to my daughter, the only students she’s encountered pushing an “agenda“ are the mormons, but instead of swaying her, they‘ve only been able to piss her off. She had one professor last semester from a middle eastern predominantly muslim country that attempted to push her beliefs, but again, she didn’t get anywhere with Ellie.
On a fairly regular basis, my wife tells me that my daughter’s words, beliefs, and/or actions are my fault or a result of my influence, but I fail to see how her being a tough, independent, self confident young lady that knows what she believes and speaks her mind is a bad thing in today’s world. :thumb:
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