New ATF proposal to criminalize pistol braces


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Mar 2, 2009
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Tulsa, OK
You should have heard by now that the BATFE is publishing their latest proposed "rule change" regarding pistol braces. The comment period for such is supposed to open tomorrow, Thursday, June 10th. The proposed rule would, for all intents and purposes, put virtually all pistol braces under the NFA solely on subjective and sometimes conflicting criteria.

WE need to submit comments against this proposed rule change in unprecedented numbers so that the BATFE and the DOJ will back down and scrap this dangerous attempt to restrict our 2nd Amendment guaranteed rights and turn many of us into criminals based solely on opinion and whim.

By the way, this is a new rule change. If you responded to the rule change proposed last fall, you will have to respond again. None of those responses will be carried over.

For more information, see this excellent info page created by the Firearms Policy Coalition:
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