Power outage


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Apr 14, 2009
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Just out of curiosity how old is your system? Reason I ask is that is one main reason I pushed my mom towards a Generac whole house system. Kohler's generators are pretty comparable to Generac (or they were then), but their ATS sucked. I read a ton of people posting horrible reviews about the ATS.

Mom's Generac smart switch has been rock solid so far and it's been awhile. Several years past warranty. :thumb:
I bought it in 2012. The boards in the generator and the ats have been replaced already.


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Dec 17, 2016
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Ponca City, OK
Lord, I sure hope the refinery isn't out of power. Gotta be at work in a couple hrs
I used to work at the Ponca City refinery and always worried about that. Lots of OT trying to get things back up and running! I was an instrument tech and ops always said they were waiting for IT before they could start. One thing they had going for them at that refinery was they installed ride through circuits on all the critical motors and pumps that would keep them spinning for a couple seconds on a power blip. This helped tremendously on those quick 1 second loss of power moments. The other things they had going for them was multiple dedicated feeds from separate power sources. We were close enough to OG&E at Sooner that we had a dedicated feed straight from the plant to one of our substations. We also had another primary feed from Ponca City Utilities and one other from out west somewhere. We only had two complete power outages in the 15 years I worked there, one from a tornado that took out poles, and another when OG&E had a major equipment failure. Hopefully Holly is setup similarly.

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