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Aug 1, 2014
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Hey mate, good day to ya.. I Always wanted to go down under mainly for the Australian pythons.. It's a good lil site with a good many good chaps and a few wokies .. It also has an event called eat and shoot ENS which you can find in the shooting section.. Should be 1 coming up that isn't yet dated but keep your eye peeled and you'll be welcomed with Okie hospitality.. IIRC all are welcome at the ENS kids and the Sheila.. lol..

Correct. All are welcome at an ENS. These can be started any time and any where by anyone willing to set one up.
They get posted in the Gun Club/Range Talk area: https://www.okshooters.com/forums/gun-club-range-talk.22/

Hi all,
I'm a quiet kind of person at heart and enjoy many hobbies, the shooting sports (target and varmint hunting) is one of them. I haven't shot a lot in recent times but with my children now interested, it's on again 😙
As far as work, I'm an engineer by trade and have worked in the power industry all of my life. This line of work is also what brought me to the US some 20+ years ago from Australia where I was also an avid shooter until bad/misguided government decisions ruined things for a while for a lot of shooters. I enjoy active forums like this and hope to meet/participate time permitting ...
Regards, Scott

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