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Feb 10, 2022
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With another thread about some guy paying 900/month for a truck, interest rates doing the Bidenomics thing, and the whole country in the toilet I thought maybe we could put some of our favorite tips in one spot for the younger crowd that doesn't know about all the traps you can get into when you're heading through your teens, 20s, and 30's.

Get back here if you think of something else too. You might save someone's marriage, as most marriages end over $MONEY$ trouble.

What are your top tips for saving money or making a quick buck? A couple that always come up this time of year for me are:

1. Don't borrow money. If you have to borrow money, have a plan to pay it back within 12 months and put it on paper.
2. Turkeys are CHEAP FOOD. You may get tired of turkey by this time next year, but it's versatile and the cost per pound of meat is hard to beat at Thanksgiving sales. We used to buy 12 turkeys when we were in our early 20s and freeze them. Then we'd have one turkey a month that would feed us for two weeks. I got recipes for DAYS, boys. :chop:


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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
You can make chopped BBQ or enchiladas out of any bird or critter.
Learn to wipe your butt with minimal TP.
I see a lot of waste there and it adds up.

I have friends borrow money from me often but pay back with interest.
Nice amount of chump change 10% payback or more.

Walmart cell phone plan is under 27 a month for my wife's cell.
I see some people paying 80+ for a plan that does the same thing.

Believe it or not Synthetic engine oil will get you better MPG and basically pay for itself.

Air those car tires up as that gets better MPG also.
But you need to air them up where they wear evenly.

The tire store will always put 32-35 psi in my corolla tires that call for a max of 44-51 psi and MPG takes a hit to the tune of 5 MPG.
Little weak engines make a bigger difference running around on flats.

Do not be a picky eater.
You are eating for nourishment.

Do not fix anything that is not broken.
Wife wanted new counters in the house when we got it in 1998
Nothing wrong with the original 1974 counters.
She did not get counter tops and that caramel colored fiberglass shower is still working just fine.

The carpet is still in excellent shape because we clean a mess or stain on it as it happens.
If your dog or pet ruins your carpet or trim or doors in the house that dumb animal will no longer be coming in the house.

An animal is a huge expense some like to make them family pets and let them get away with murder.
They are supposed to be useful. Cats eat mice and stay in the barn.
Dogs protect the property.
If it can't do that it needs to go.

That is harsh I know but I see many people get more and more pets of all kinds but can't pay rent.
Fix your mental situation that puts you into that frame of mind.

Learn to fix things that are broken.
Windows, Doors, cars, pants, socks, blender, sewing machine, toilet, busted pipe under the house,
roofing, fence, concrete, trailer, guns, computer, appliances.

Everything you use you can fix and there is easy to find information out there today that will help you along.
I spent many days at the library and buying books mail order to know how to fix broken things.

You need your health to be able to do these tasks so stay healthy.
350 lb guy is not likely to fit under the house or want to be up on the roof or under the hood of a vehicle sticking his big hand where it does not fit.

Best have a good paying job to be able to pay "TheGuy" if you can't get it all done.


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Jan 1, 2006
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I’ve found most people I talk with don’t know where there money is going and spend what they have on things they may not need. I usually recommend a paper budget with BOTH husband and wife sitting down together to plan what they will spend the next month. After that I use an app called Every Dollar to budget and track expenses. It free to use if you make manual entries and there is a subscription if you want automatic downloads from financial institutions. Knowing where your money is going is a great first step.
Cutting out unnecessary expenses is the next step. I see $300 cable bills, $400 cell phone plans, over $1000 a month eating out, and the list goes on.
It is very easy to get into debt and it requires a mindset change and self discipline to get out. I’ve been there myself and wish I was smarter with money back when I made a lot more. PM me if you just want to talk anout it. Personal finances are just that. Many people become ashamed of their mistakes and what I’ve done in the past is ridiculous. There is hope for those who want to change their paycheck to paycheck rat in the wheel life.

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