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Feb 11, 2013
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Grandson was going to Wally Chinamart. His Mom gave him a list of things to pick up. His 16yo brother and 15yo sister went with him.

He had filled a basket with his Christmas shopping. He had also got lucky and snagged a couple bulk packs of .22LR and 2 boxes of .45ACP. They have another basket full of Mom's stuff, too.

Almost everything is rang up and cashier runs the .22s through. Gets to the .45s and says she cannot sell them. He asked why and she says because "minors are with him"

A bit of arguing and a mgr comes over. Some more refusal to sell and arguing. A cop comes over.

Grandson tells the other 2, "Lets go"

Manager asks about the other stuff. He says, " you keep it. You won't sell, it don't buy."

They left, followed by manager telling them never to come back.

Crossed town to GhettoMart and he hit the jackpot. They had .22, .30-30, .45-70 and .45ACP.

Brother and Sister did Mom's shopping. They checked out, up front. He done his shopping and checked out in Sporting Goods.

They met at truck and went home.

Seems I have heard of others having to deal with Wally ChinaMart stupidity.

I may have to test them.


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Mar 15, 2009
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If you pay at the sports counter and the buyer is ‘alone’ , no problem. Take it to the front and you run the risk of ‘store policy’. I’ve seen it here in Edmond and I’ve heard shoppers at the sports counter talk about it. Not hard to get around their stupid rules.

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