Alcohol cravings and getting it under control.


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Aug 18, 2020
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Shawnee, OK
I feel ya and hope you are still on track with your goals!

About 12 years ago now I threw away the rest of my cigarettes . Decided from here on out I only smoke the finest of cigars. I can count on one hand how many times I've found a cigar fancy enough and affordable to make me want one. So shockingly that was easy.

Did the same thing with drinking in my 20s. Noticed it was becoming too habitual. For about 8-10 years I only drank fine bourbon. Due to being a poor 20 year old that cut back my drinking almost entirely.

I never had to be a quitter to cut back to a healthy moderate level and focus on my health.

Now over the past 3 years I took up dipping and that fine bourbon became more affordable. So what started as a dip and drink in the evenings slowly over time increased to almost constantly dipping and drinking several glasses every evening.

About a month ago I got sick of it all, wasting too much money. Dip free for 3 weeks now, that one was pretty easy. No more fine booze in my house. Nothing but good old bud light and I tell ya: it only sounds good every once in a while to me.

Moderation in all things is key :)
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