Nashville School Shooting

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Aug 15, 2012
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Twilight Zone
shOOter...... Kinda reminds me of blaming ALL GUN OWNERS, don't you think?
Everyone is a hypocrite in some form...the left is masterful at it. But there sure have been a lot of mass shooters that were not middle class tax-paying Christians, anyone can observe that data and let it speak for itself.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Blanchard, America
Gents, and gals, I said I was going to do it after Uvalde, and I just didn’t, but over the last week I met with the school Superintendent, Police Chief, Fire Chief and a city council member. Tonight I spoke at the school board meeting.

It is incumbent upon us to act. We have to harden our schools. That means two things. Preventing entry, and having school resource officers to stop the threat in the event the passive security measures fail. Ballistic glass or film, and armed security.

We have to act. Everyone has been receptive. I haven’t made any demands, I’ve just offered my help in making these things happen. Knocking on doors to get a bond with capital improvements for security included, or raising money from local philanthropists in order to fund both. Grants are available for both ballistic improvements and SROs. The police chief committed to me he would pursue the grants with his department grant writer.

It’s isn’t cheap but it isn’t cost prohibitive either. Edmond schools have added it, and the students in Collinsville started their own fund raiser to install ballistic film. We have to act. If you are a member of a community I’d encourage you all to get involved. Tell the city officials what you expect, and then hold them to your expectations.

There is an entire industry around ballistic preventative measures to prevent a bad actor from shooting out glass and entering the building. SROs are available, and the police chief here was more than receptive. Everyone is onboard, we just have to make it happen.

I told them they may meet resistance from a vocal minority that will say they don’t want LE in schools, or “if we’d just take away all the guns we wouldn’t have a problem”. I encouraged them to resist the hyperbole and the counter productive resistance, we have to protect our children and our educational staff.

I’m retired, I have nothing else that is more important. I intend to see this thru. I’d encourage all of you to do the same. There is strength in numbers. Talk to your city officials and school boards.

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