Who needs a very sweet little girl?

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May 14, 2020
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Greater Francis, OK metropolitan area
This little girl has been hanging around our place all day. She finally came close enough to the house that I could get her attention with a treat. Game over! I think she's decided she needs to stay here but probably not a good time for us, as much as I'd like to keep her.

She's extremely lovable with people and had only minor issues integrating with our pack. She's small, maybe 25 pounds. Thin, but looks to have been well cared for. Knows a few basic commands.

Surely one of you needs a sweet little dog in your life. I've checked around and no one knows where she belongs. Nothing from the local shelter. We checked in with a local Facebook group but no luck finder her family yet.

PM me with interest or questions.

ETA: I wrote this up about 3 hours ago before posting on here. She's very well behaved and acts like she belongs here. I fed her with the Corgi herd without issue. She'd make someone a terrific companion.


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