Kids... Do They Ever Listen?

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Nov 30, 2015
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If the day comes that they find themselves with a Boerboel that needs rehomed, please think of 😁😁me lol.
Any color is fine. 🤣

OK Corgi Rancher

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May 14, 2020
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Greater Francis, OK metropolitan area
At 5 months you can fix her. She'll need some serious attention for a couple of months (like 4), but it's definitely not a lost cause at all. I think you're going to end up loving that little ball of fun.
Congrats on your new pup!

And tell the kids after the heeler they need to stick to something that's able to adjust to their attention and take care of itself. Maybe an Aussie. Very smart, can be high energy with high energy families, but also just a snuggle bum if you're a more laid back family. Adjustable from one side to the other. And as a bonus they're so easy to train you can do it without too much work - once they're about 4 months old.

I've had one Aussie and he was a great dog. His name was Buster. He was like an idiot savant when it came to Frisbee playing. Very first time I threw the Frisbee for him at about 15' he caught it. After that, he almost never missed. His range was further than I could throw a Frisbee in a relatively straight line. Aside from Frisbee, though, he just seemed like he was a few fries short of a happy meal. We started calling him Rain Dog (after the movie Rain Man) because he didn't seem to catch on to most things but was just utterly amazing with some others.

He just idolized my son and when he came back from Iraq the first time Buster went to live with him and about 5 of his buddies in Killeen when he was stationed at Ft Hood. Every weekend someone took him camping, to the lake or somewhere fun. Eventually my son PCS'd to Ft Carson and we got to visit with him, the DiL and buster quite often.

I certainly wouldn't mind having another Aussie...

Buster in 2000 at just under a year old with one of my JRTs...



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