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Feb 10, 2022
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For young people the 1st and most important thing to remember is that money is a tool like any other. If used properly it will do the job it's designed to do. Debt, although sometimes necessary, is the worst abuse of the tool, while at the same time it's best function, if properly controlled. Your credit rating in most cases dictates your ability to buy, BUT only if absolutely necessary and or as an investment. An example for someone with no credit or low credit. Especially teens...Find 2 banks. At the 1st open an savings account and deposit a couple hundred dollars. Let it sit until money can be withdrawn. Apply for a small loan, less than what you have in savings and use your savings as collateral. Go to another bank and open a savings account with the money from the loan. Then take out a similar loan from that bank. Each month take your payments from your savings and pay the loans off. The actual cost to you is only the interest less the interest paid to your savings.

Don't remember those names in the leadership. Last I did on 135 was Phase 3 rewire. Most of 30 years were on the 52s, 135s, E3s, B1 and A7s. Did a few Specials like the Speckeled Trout, and Jimmy Durante. Favorite was the luxury dating pads some generals had. Anything but a military A/C, lol
But I do hold the title of last electrician on the static a/cs out front. Job was to can anything electric I thought could be used elsewhere.
Chris would have been Chris Moore. Seems he was around 08.
Those fancy duds weren't dating pads, those were Diplomatic Instructional Charismatic K's, named after both the instruction given and those with enough pull to get them. :rotflmao:

I've got a house in Shawnee. We should catch a coffee next time I get down there.


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Oct 27, 2012
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Another tip.


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