AI, it's fans and questions

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Feb 14, 2007
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I never said that. Reread my post.

“Training” in this aspect isn’t anything like training a dog, or training your kids to not be POSes when they grow up. “Training” AI is developing the decision making algorithm so that it has the information needed, knows how to access and “understand” the information it has, and also outputs said information for the operator properly. Many of these browser specific chatbots are mere shadows of the OpenAI ChatGPT, they’re more of a finger in the pie, rather than an actual slice. Many of these smaller “AI” models are simply search aggregators with a chatbot built in, which is something we have had for years. This setup is typically trained to cater to users needs, and is thus, trained by user inputs. If it was targeted by groups of people who decided they wanted to “make the AI a rascist Nazi” then it’s gonna end up as so.

Also, in the world of marketing, who is to say that Microsoft didn’t already have that programmed in or staged the entire incident, as a way to generate media coverage? All media coverage is good media coverage in marketing, right?

I’m well aware of all that. Hence my statement.

Again, I never said that. I trust people even less than I trust computers.

What is this mythical story you’re referring to?

I’m open to have a constructive conversation on these subjects, it’s fascinating stuff. But with how you come out of the gate swinging and making argumentative counterclaims to anyone statements in the matter, it seems more like you’re looking for an argument and that you already know that you’re right and everyone else is wrong. If that’s the case, you aren’t gonna get the argument you want from me.

Hello, I apologize for the delay in my reply. I had a couple of things come up and had to deal with them, I did not mean to insult you or ignore your reply, again I apologize.

I'm also sorry you took my first reply to you as “swinging” at you or being argumentative, I know my communication style/skills are a bit different and I may well be misinterpreted at times. Please note I tried not to put forth any “I think” or “I believe” statements. I tried to put forth what those deeply involved in the research and development of AI who know far more than most of us are saying and worrying about. Then in answering your reply I tried to present things in the form of questions, I do that because my intent was not so much to debate/argue but to just open the door for anyone reading my reply to think and question things which I do believe is a good angle for learning and deciding things. I do also see it could have seemed as a personal challenge/swing at you, I apologize as I do see how it could seem that way but that was not my intent, my intent was simply for all of us to see the different angles and think about them further.

My true intent in posting the thread was again to bring up the subject specifically in terms of the possible negatives that some experts in the field say is important and being ignored in favor of all the good things AI is offering. I do think we humans very often fail to see the double edged sword of our progress/technology. That is why I brought up Atlantis, it is a mythological story by Plato about a powerful advanced society that loses it's moral/ethical compass and is overcome by hubris, greed, materialism, and a thirst for power that leads to it's utter destruction,

I hope this helps explain my position and thoughts on the matter better as well as my presentation of them, I hope it shows it was not personal(we were replying to each other but everybody is reading it)and while I realize my way might not be the best I work with what I have/know until I may well learn better.

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