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    Default Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    I have an owl hooting in a tree just outside my house. This has never happened, to my knowledge, since I've lived here. Will I live to finish this 12 pack, am I doomed, or will he just bop the field mice so all the kids can sing?

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    I'd take my time on that twelve pack

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    dude you are so f#$$ed, the last time i heard an owl hoot my house caught on fire and three people died.

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    Depends on who you ask.
    My wife is native American, and her family(maybe the entire tribe, not sure) believe that owls coming around your house that haven't been around before are a sign that someone is going to die. It could be coincidence, and I don't tell her I think that way, but the last time we had 2 'strange' owls fly around our house, we lived in New Mexico, and I had 2 family members die within months of each other. Take it for what you will.

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    It's a good sign to have birds of prey around you...buzzards circling are bad though

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    JB had this same thing happen awhile ago. He is still alive.
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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    Bad news according to most of my Indian friends.

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    Quote Originally Posted by dennishoddy View Post
    JB had this same thing happen awhile ago. He is still alive.
    That's right. I forgot about that. JB, what happened to your owl? Did someone pass shortly after, did some good fortune come your way, or did you fill him with enough scotch to shutdown his liver?

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    I've got owl's around my house. I have had them for over 30 years and nothing has happened, yet!

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    I wouldnt worry about it if youre not native, american indian, whatever. Or superstitious. There are so many different tribes with about as many different cultures, tribal customs, and their many stories told around the campfire. Some probably say that the owl does this or that, some tribes have it on a pedestal as a symbol of hunting greatness, others see it another way as a symbol of death or death approaching, etc,etc. There seems to be some mysticism about it but I wouldnt think much of it unless youre a member of a tribe that is fearful of them. Our tribe tells stories of men who turn into certain animals at night on the reservation, etc. Stories. I have never personally heard any stories in our tribe about owls showing up when someone had died or was going to die or whatever because our tribe has an owl clan that uses the owl as its clan symbol.

    Im 1/4 Osage-Kaw indian and I remember my mom who is half blood collecting owl figurines and stuff of all kinds and shapes when I was a kid growing up, they were all over the house. One in particular was huge with these big crazy looking crystal eyes that sat on a table and at night passing thru the room in the dark the eyes glowed almost if any light hit them and it really messed with you. We belong to a different clan, so I guess she just liked owls for some reason. She doesnt have any today in her home with my stepfather.

    My dad had one once in a wooden cage in our garage he had caught while out hunting, I dont know the full story about it because I was a little kid, but it must have been hurt or something when he found it because my dad only killed what we were going to eat and I dont remember eating it, but if you knew my dad we actually might have eaten it if we were hungry enough. Me and my brother would go in there and check it out after school and even showed some friends even though my dad had said he would kick our asses if we went in there without him. I think he eventually took it out to the country and let it go, or it died.

    Theyre in the trees around here out in the country all the time and we even had one in a tree near our house a few years ago that seemed to go from one tree to another tree every summer, always staying in that one tree until the next year when it would move to another, and then finally it left I guess because I didnt hear it at all this summer. I think it was feeding on bats that fly all over out here at night. It always seemed more active though at the end of spring all thru the summer always starting its noises about dusk. We regularly go out to the pool in the summer for late night swims and at night was when it would be active. The kids were a little younger when it first came around and I would scare them and tell them it was a tree monster, after that they wouldnt dare go back out there late at night. I just wanted the pool to myself.
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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    My daughter works for the government, she started out in the Americorps program and now shes working full time for FEMA where she is stationed in New Jersey at the moment.

    Last summer she was in Florida working with the Park service in the Everglades building tree boxes for these owls.


    "Alright alright alright...".

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    When I was very young....3 or 4....there was an Owl that would hoot outside our house and it would scare the socks offa' me.
    Now, whenever I would get to bein' rambunctious and wouldn't stay bed, my Grandma would get these big wide eyes and say:
    "You better get back in that bed or that big Owl's gonna' get ya'"

    It would scare the bejeezus outta' me!
    I would haul ass back to the bedroom and hide under the covers all night!
    That always seemed to do the trick.

    It was either that damn Owl or the Attic Monster.

    Now, the Attic Monster......that's a whole 'nuther story.......

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    Some of the Native people here in SW Oklahoma believe strongly about owls being a sign of death, doom, bad medicine, etc. Even a picture or representation of an owl.

    Cedar Creek

    When I hear of an owl I think of Hooter's! (even though I've never been there - gotta write that one down on the bucket list...)
    "Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future."

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    If you've ever hung out with Boy Scout leaders who have been through the Woodbadge training program, you'll find plenty of Scouters who proudly call themselves members of the Owl Patrol.

    I used to be an Owl, and a good old Owl too...

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    Default Re: Owls. Good omen or bad omen?

    Last summer my wife was in the back yard at night with the flood lights on. She was throwing a frizbee for the dogs when an owl swooped down and took off with the frizbee while it was in the air. Two of the dogs are small Yorkies so she immediately took them inside. One of them could have been a nice meal for the owl, Lizzie the oldest one would have kicked that owls butt.
    Lizzie is like a 6 pound Tasmanian devil, ask the raccoons that come in the yard.
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