Arming school staff


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Jun 16, 2009
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I know there is a lot of controversy about teachers and other school staff being armed and I’m not here to debate that, What I want to do is offer free or close to free gun classes to any school staff that will be allowed to carry in the school to hopefully stop or deter any person threatening to harm kids/staff in the school.
If any of you knows of a school district in Oklahoma that would like to take a group class I will offer my services for cost of travel and lodging if it’s way on the west side of the state and requires an overnight trip, and they will need to provide a place to hold the class and a place to shoot, I will cover the test papers, handout and certificate cost.
To set up a class have them call me and we can figure out the details 918-695-3808

I know okies won’t be cowards like the Uvalde bunch ! We can stop it before it starts !!

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